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Brilliant! Thank yo so much! You’ve been most helpful, and I am very happy with Psoriaxis and your service! Thank you again! (for sure, I’ll recommend you further)
Jasmin , Consumer
I am really pleased with the product, I am suffering from Psoriasis for almost 10 years, and after 4 months of treatment the symptoms are completely gone. The first few days were a bit unpleasant but, thanks to God, I recovered. I recommend this product to everyone
Private, Consumer
Hello, I have been under the treatment for 18 days and I’m really satisfied, the Psoriasis started to withdraw. The first 5 days were awful and painful, it itched, and I could barely stand it. The next days were easier, I still had an itch but it didn’t hurt. The symptoms are withdrawing, and I’m really satisfied because I had Psoriasis for a long time. It’s silly to think the illness will pass just in one day.
Dzejlana, Consumer
I am very satisfied with this product and I’d like to recommend it to everyone who suffer from Psoriasis. I had Psoriasis for two years and after 52 days of treatment I am clean for 7 months. The beginning of the treatment was a bit unpleasant, but after a few days everything went normally.
Dino O., Consumer
I have Psoriasis since 1996 and I tried a few medicines that are available on the market , different herbs but nothing worked as this cure did. Some people don’t believe, but I saw improvement only from this cure, that is this cream. During the first few days I saw no change, but after the second week the symptoms started to withdraw. I can see that the cream works and I’ll continue the treatment for as long as it is necessary. One will do anything to get healthy. I am satisfied with this cream.
SamelaMlivic, Consumer
When I was diagnosed with Psoriasis six years ago, the first thing that came to my mind is that there’s no cure for it. I tried to treat it with different medicines, creams and other stuff that I could find. But I couldn’t find a real cure, nothing. The problem wasn’t the looks but the itch – it couldn’t stop itching, and it became a psychological issue. My life has come down to scratching, creams and frustration. But, thanks to God, I accidentally found this cure on the Net, and said let’s try this – I have nothing to lose. And miraculously everything written on the page was true. In a month things changed, my situation become better. And the best thing is that the itch stopped. Now I’m feeling really well, I’m another person now, but you need to follow the instruction. In the beginning there are a lot of difficulties, as said. But it’s worth to withstand. Thank you
Elli Mandzukic, Consumer
About the cure.. I can say that I’m very pleased with it, even though I was sceptical at first. I even made negative comments about it, saying that the cure doesn’t work. I now know better, I am very pleased and after five months I almost completely recovered, after a years-long fight. – Consumer
Private, Consumer
Hello everybody! I just found the product’s Facebook page. I was shocked when I realised what I found. I would like to share my experience with all of you who have the same problem as I do. I developed Psoriasis when I were only a child, during the Bosnian war. Nothing that I got from the doctors would help. With the help of my father’s friend, in the 1998, I found this cure. The treatment was not really pleasant and it was painful but I was determined. After the treatment there were no visible symptoms for about 10 years, after that period the symptoms eventually showed up again, only on a few spots on my body. With the help of some pharmaceutical products I am able to control them. If you have a strong heart I recommend this product! Good luck!
Harisa Masha Mehmedagic, Consumer

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