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The cure for Psoriasis is based on a family herbal recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation for over 150 years. The medicine is a cream made of medical herbs with no artificial additives and pharmaceutical products. There have been no records of unsuccessful treatments in people who have been following the guidelines for proper administering of the medicine. The effects of this medicine are not short-term and at the end of treatment Psoriasis will be completely cured.

NOTES: First and foremost is that the medicine is prohibited for use by persons with diabetes because the very nature of the disease hinders the healing of wounds that may occur in the healing process. Within the first few days the treatment process is painful and causes burning sensation. This part of treatment depends on the area affected by Psoriasis. The use of painkillers is recommended if one cannot endure the pain. After few days the pain will subside. The use of Psoriaxis does not condition the waiver of other drugs if you need them or have another therapy. The duration of treatment differs from person to person. There are several things to consider: age, size of the affected area, and how long person has the disease.