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Warning: Diabetics cannot use this cure.

For the treatment process to start earlier take a shower and thoroughly clean the places of your body with Psoriasis symptoms.
After drying the body, the treatment begins; apply the cream at least twice a day. The number of times you can apply the cream is unlimited. After the treatment begins, don not soak or expose in any way the part of your body on which was the cream applied for at least 3 or 4 days.
The parts of the body on which was the cream applied should not be exposed to water or the cream will lose its effect.
Open wounds will appear and will ooze pus. After that scabs will appear. Until the appearance of scabs on the parts on which was the cream applied apply the cream regularly. When the scabs appear, apply the cream around them.
The scab will eventually dissolve and normal skin will appear. The treatment process is over.

Warnings and Precautions:
Until you are fully cured the infected area could look worse.
In case that a major part of your body is infected there is a chance of fever. The fever can last up to two days. The fever is harmless and is a normal side effect.
You should not tear off the scabs in any case – you need to wait until they dissolve on their own.
In case of great pain you can and should take painkillers.
The parts on which you apply the cream cannot be bandaged because they must have air contact.